Thomas Wolfe Collection Pics

Thomas Wolfe and the Thomas Wolfe House are an integral part of downtown Asheville.  His seminal book, Look Homeward Angel, paints, at times, an unflattering view of Asheville and its citizens at the turn of the twentieth century.   But it’s this novel and several other supporting works by Wolfe that establish Asheville’s flavor during its first real heyday of the 1920’s.  If you walk through downtown now, it’s amazing to see the many art deco buildings that rival Miami’s South Beach in numbers.  And with the vibrancy that Asheville continues to find in each generation, around every corner you’re met with the literary genius of Wolfe, because his world is beautifully preserved here in the Blue Ridge.

Below are three pictures I recently created to celebrate this hometown hero.  Stay tuned to find these works available here on the High for purchase.

Thomas Wolfe PaintingThomas Wolfe AngelThomas Wolfe House